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Graviola is a typical herb which has excellent medicinal properties. Though the leaves of the graviola tree is the one which possesses the highest medicinal properties (which are discussed below) the fruits, the bark, the seeds and the roots also has properties that can cure many human ailments. The extract of the graviola herb is a potent cancer fighting agent. This has been proved very effective in curing any kind of cancerous disease. Scientists at the Purdue University have claimed that there is a direct relationship between acetogenins and cancer. They state that the presence of annonaceous acetogenins will reduce the chances of cancer in humans and Graviola herb belongs to the family of acetogenins. The graviola extract resists the further growth of cancerous cells by inhibiting the enzymes needed for the growth of these cells, just like an antibiotic. Thus graviola is a very good herb in resisting the growth of cancerous cells and also there are no side effects in using this natural herb. It is a Potential Antioxidant. Very effective for High / low blood pressure. The other medicinal uses of graviola extract include eliminating parasites and other worms in the intestine. This is a very good anti-depressant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, vasodilator and sedative. Consumption of graviola extract has proven that it is a very good reliever of stress by improving the blood supply to brain and heart muscles. Also it eliminates all kinds of health affecting worms and parasites that inhabit the human intestine and increasing the appetite. Graviola extract can be applied on the skins to improve the complexion too.

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