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Chelone Glabra.Q 1.5 ml
Cina.Q. 1.5 ml
Embelia Ribes Q 1.2 ml
Teucrium M.V.Q 1.2 ml
Kalmegh.Q 1.0 ml
Filix Mas.Q 1.2 ml
Mercurius Dulcis.6 1.2 ml
Chenopodium A.Q 1.2
Spigelia A.Q. 1.2 ml.
For all kinds of worms like Pin Worm, Tape Worm, Thread Worm, Round Worm and Hook Worm.

Adults: One teaspoonful daily at bed time for seven days. Repeat after 15 days if necessary.
Children: Half of the Adults dose or as prescribed by the physician.

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